Wednesday, May 28, 2008

calory, camera and cholesterol

Calorie, camera and cholesterol! If somebody were to ask A about these three, he would say, now a days his life revolves around these three. He of course is aptly joined by Rusha who conjoined these three together to begin with. Between the two of them, I have become the butt of the joke at home.

It is true that i have been chasing them all over home with my new found love for my newly bought camera and poor things when photographed, look as though they have been stalked day and night. really hurried and irritated at times! ha, ha, i am having a really good time though!!

and of course, i have been counting the calories and the cholesterol, both for me and A - and boy, is he going nuts! But he is also loving it, for if i don't keep a check on his eating, etc, he would quickly ask me why was not i checking on him. so it is fun both ways for me!!

Whenever Rusha or Arjun or better still both are at home, A gets this major chance of ganging up against me and mockly complain about how much i was torturing him about his food, how little he gets to eat, etc, etc, etc. and we all have fun!! lots of laughter and fun at home.

we are also doing lots of eating out, watching theatre, shopping, veggie and fish and meat shopping, drinking chai and eating samosa at the Gupshup, planning for more eating out, planning for holidays in the coming months, watching IPL together, and just chlling at home doing absolutely nothing.

Life is blissful. Thank you God.

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