Monday, May 05, 2008

went to my dentist today. he was in a chatty mood. he chatted about his holiday, how being with his happy family gave him a unprecedented sense of contentment that he never experienced before. how he believes today that God may have given him more that he thinks he deserves!

while i was listening to him, a portion of Mahabharata came to mind. there was this question-answer session that happened between Dharamraja and Yudhishthira. one of the questions was "what is the strangest thing in the world'? and Yudhishthira's answer was "every day crores of beings are dying in this world, but the rest of the world continues to behave as though they are going to live for ever".

There is such a truth in this line. I read it many times before, but this time it struck me quite forcefully.

Death! a word that i have been with for a while ......

bell rings ... guests have arrived. will have to write about this some other time.

bye for now!

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