Thursday, July 08, 2010

article from Tehelka magazine- the Nowhere Children

it is a heart wrenching article .. made me feel angry, ashamed and sad.  When will we see any change?  This is not only political or economic, it also talks about who we are and what our attitude towards women and children are.  In some of my work with NGOs who are working with children and women in red light areas are so similar.  

While there is a larger context of political, economic, sociological changes, complexity, exploitation, corruption, inefficiency, etc are involved, I feel upset about the so called educated and affluent class most of who, in my experience at least, come across as blissfully unaware of what is happening around us and therefore, can close their eyes to any responsibility to bring in any change anywhere. 

When will we change?


  1. My head is reeling from reading's not something I haven't heard before...but suddenly the enormity and inhumanness of it strikes me so deeply and I wonder at how these women/ children can go on.....How can we help? Questions I'm asking myself.....
    Thanks Sharbori.
    PS: I like this blog background better - very soothing on the eyes.

  2. @Corinne: I know how you feel; I feel very similarly. However, some of the things I guess we can do for instance is to raise our voices in the context of domestic help, cruelty and child labour wherever we see it. secondly, there are many NGOs who work with women and children do look for councilors to work with the women they rescue.
    The other way of doing something is to write about it as much as you can.

    Thanks for the background comment, I also think so. but your confirmation helps. :-)

  3. That was the most ghastly account of young girls and like you I am ashamed of what is happening and our own helplessness save raising our voices and refusing to employ minors. you might be interested in a post I had done some months ago on child domestic workers;

  4. @zephyr: thanks. just read the note you referred to and yes you make some very valid points. I think apart from not keeping children as domestic help, we also need to (no matter how ungainly or unacceptable that may be in our particularised context) raise our voice when we see this cruelty or horrendous treatment being meted out to them. Like you have written, I too have witness similar incidents many times and I am ashamed to say that apart from cringing, I really did not act. I intend to do so from now on whenever and wherever I do see such things.
    Thank you for sharing your story, its very touching and authentic.


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