Sunday, September 05, 2010

What is your idea of peace for yourself?

This question is not about the macro context, of what is happening in the wider context, in the community, in the country or in the world.  This question is asked more from  a fantasized dreamy personal point of view, i.e. when we think of peacefulness for ourselves, what is the idea, thought, imagery, visual for ourselves?

for me, peacefulness for myself brings up imagery of water, shades, trees, nature, quietude, alone amidst modest facilities or infrastructure. lots of sky around, sound of water but not with a sea in front.

place would have red flooring, old styles, may be tiled roof, coconut trees, (sounds like Kerala, na?) - cool breeze, birds chirping around, play of sun and shadow.

what is or are your dreamy peace visuals? 



  1. Good. I am able to post a comment. Missed coming here, Sharbori. I was with my children and granddaughter and just posted to keep the blog alive. Now that I am back, I will start in earnest!

    My idea of peacefulness? ....well, a quite place on a riverbank, with the mountains in the distant horizon, a book that does not excite any passion or tension in me, and a cool breeze fanning my face! Bliss, isn't it? A riverbank can soothe the most agitated mind, if you ask me.

  2. @zephyr: that's true, water, the sight, sound and feel of it - very soothing.

    I was experimenting with "intense debate comments" facilities of wordpress that is also available for bloggers but for some reason, did not work here well. so i have removed it.

    I may have to finally move my blog from blogger to wordpress

    thanks for coming by.

  3. Hey, nice questio! liked ur idea. Its so full of sights and sounds, could feel it.

    As for me, being near hills, with a laptop to blog about what I feel or at least a notebook and a pen.

    dont know how do u see this?!!!


  4. A warm cottage which will not have boundary walls because there are no thieves. There should be other houses around too. There should be acres of land with grass and trees. I should be able to wake to chirping birds and a gurgling stream.. But mind you, a bustling shopping mall should not be too far away either.

    Sharbori, I loved the jungle lodges and fishing camps around the cauvery river. Everytime I am asked to picture serenity and happiness, I go back in time to the cauvery river.

  5. @restless - you like hills, so do I. they have such a comforting presence. :-)

  6. @butterfly - seems a lot like where I would love to go for a holiday, without the shopping mall though :-). I love the jungle lodges and fishing camps, specially the Bhimeswary fishing camp. beautiful place.

  7. dear Sharbori...
    now this is an interesting subject.....hmmm lemme guess....peace for me is travelling through the winding road up to Darjeeling among lots of greens and the mighty mountains around(sadly now, though, it is going through a lot of unrest)but..nevertheless...
    peace is sleeping in a rainy afternoon,
    peace is a nice book and I...
    peace is sitting through a breezy evening in the open terrace/ balcony of my home...there are quite a few for me ,I see.....
    Thank you for such a wonderful idea...loved it

  8. @Suryatapa - :-) I am glad you liked the idea.

    Darjeeling, umm, i love the smell of the unknown flowers that bloom on the way up, all the way, and the way the breeze from the north bring a slight chill along with the fragrance of the distant valleys.

  9. For me, it is music from a bamboo flute wafting down as I lie down on the banks of a placid lake with deep blue water. It is nearing twilight, and the birds are taking flight back to their nests and there is a mild depression in my heart ...

  10. @kaka - uhh, that is such a beautiful description ... the shadows of the twilight in the deep blue water ... mild breeze ... the top of the lake moving every so softly. very nice. you are playing the flute obviously!

  11. Not sure. Sometimes a lovely lake, quiet solitude does bring peace. At other times, same scene can bring about a sense of depression. I guess it is a state of mind. Dealing with ghosts..your other post, also has to do with state of mind.

  12. @radha: thank you. have you noticed how most of us feel soothed by the sight or sound of water!


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