Monday, March 07, 2011

Hello Dear Friends,

I am back, from a long hiatus - been working and travelling; and in between all of that, lost the zest for writing the blog.  Every time I thought of writing, I told myself, I must come back better prepared, with good material and stories, and snippets and  insights, and photographs and, and, and........  And the return never happened.  Friends dropped into the blog, left their comments and invitation for me to return and I told myself - I shall, soon. And that was four and a half months ago, and I never did, I was never prepared.

Yet, I have so much to share, many travel tales, lots of snippets and stories of my life, many books and movies that I encountered recently and all the happening in the world ....

But more than anything else, the big realisation  is that one does not have to come to friends well prepared and ready... one does not have to offer something worthwhile.... one does not have to "present" something to others.   One can just come in as it is with whatever one has, for friends do just that, make you feel wanted, welcome and received, for just the way you are!

thank you my friends, Zephyr, Pooja, Corinne ... and many others who have written to me and invited me to come back into this space.  Thank you for being my friend!


  1. :) welcome back!! had nearly given up after checking live bookmarks every so often. a pleasant surprise this is!!


  2. Good to see you back, yes its not necessary for you to have something to say always.
    You were one of my 1st blogger friend, and was really wondering what happened.
    Good to know you were just travelling and now are back, waiting to read more about the women in your life. Happy women's day, whatever that is supposed to mean.

  3. Welcome back Sharbori. But i already welcomed you in my blog. Have missed you and your smile and the blogposts that gave fodder to the brain, and sometimes brought a large smile to the lips too. Friends never leave, Sharbori, but they worry about your welfare. I thought you had fallen ill or something, you know. Damn happy to see you back hale and hearty :)

  4. Finally! Very good to have you back. :) Looking forward to reading whatever it is that you have to say.

  5. How lovely to have you back, S. I like that you've come back 'just as you are' - that's what I love about you after all! Looking forward to the travel tales and more :)

  6. Thank you corinne, mekhola, zephyr and Pooja. lovely to be back. will write more soon.


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