Saturday, January 12, 2008

yippe, i have been told to "walk"

just went to the orthopedics, he welcomed me with his warm doctorly smile ... sent me for an x-ray. i kept my fingers and slightly swollen toes crossed for hopeful results. the machined creaked under its ancient weight ... whirred for a while and hopefully captured the image of my broken and may be mending bone! the technician looked happy with the result. the doctor looked even happier with it. he said, "oh, ok now you can start walking, right here, right now" as he looked at the x-ray plate as though he was savouring a moment of victory. "your leg is healing very well"

I looked on doubtfully .... healing? what healing? and if so, what do i do with this dastardly plaster cast? He looked at me with pity in his eyes : "I am afraid, that will stay for 3 more weeks" Ashok gasped, "3 more months"? "No, no, 3 weeks; 3 months will stiffen the ankle". He smiled.

i continued to look at him and at my leg suspiciously ... but, but how can i walk with this d.... p...?

the doctor again looked at me with pity: "oh, just start walking, you will get used to it. don't worry. everything will be alright".

ok, so much so. I decided to be cheerful about it albeit with grave doubt in my mind. on the way home, i told ashok we must celebrate this with 'samosas' and 'rasogollas' (salty deep fried dumplings with yum potato and peas filling and sweet cottage cheese balls). he happily agreed but alas, the treacherous K C Das did not have samosas .... i felt like crying but braved it. Ashok then suggested we try the "Randevouz" for its tasty patties but even that has closed down. sob sob ...

anyway, came home, have now started walking as in started trying to walk. and feeling really scared whether i will break the bone again by just trying to walk.

watched a intense movie in the comp ... felt very scared and terrified while watching it but the ending was rather abrupt. great acting though.

tomorrow, we have a lunch invitation to attend. i am looking forward to it. at least i can "walk" to it, he he!

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